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WordPress PPC Theme: Create Salesletters, CPA, PPC Landing Pages.

Why You Can’t Use WordPress for PPC

The reason why you can’t use wordpress blogs for PPC and CPA is because WordPress blogs are filled with “distractions”. Nearly 90% of the page is filled with links encouraging the user to leave the page.

Now that’s a really bad idea since the very landing page is the “money maker” where the sale and/or the optin is made. So, what’s the point spending money on advertising if 93%-97% of all incoming traffic leaves immediately?

WordPress PPC Theme

Latest Premium WordPress PPC Theme was designed to solve this problem. Using this theme you can create salesletters, CPA landing pages and Google compliant PPC landing pages.

It is reasonably priced at $47 which makes it a tiny investment compared to the money you’re leaving on the table each time someone visits your blog. And the funny thing I noticed is that the actual sales page for this theme was done using WordPress PPC theme. Check it out by clicking on the link below:

WordPress PPC Theme: Create Salesletters, Cpa, PPC Landing Pages

Tips For Accumulating More Twitter Followers

Twitter FollowersIncreasing your Twitter following allows you to drive traffic to your website(s), build your online presence, and network with people from around the world.

How do you get more Twitter followers? Some may argue that it requires posting good tweets at a particular frequency or following good tweet etiquette while others say that it all boils down to driving traffic to your Twitter page and following people so they in turn follow you. Let’s explore those two arguments.

What We Can Gather From the Most Popular Twitter Users?

If you go to TwitterHolic, you can see the users with the most number of Twitter followers. If you have a quick glance over the list, you’ll see that most of these users are already famous in real life, whether because they have a successful business or because they are a celebrity.

It’s not like they built their Twitter profiles from the ground up and accumulated so many Twitter followers because they write good tweets. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed not to gain a good following just because you’re not famous.

The Way You Use Twitter Has Little Importance

If you are worried that the frequency of your tweeting or the quality of your tweeting is what primarily affects the number of followers you get, quit obsessing. You must treat your Twitter account just as you would any one of your other websites. The key to success is driving traffic to your site. In the big picture, obsessing about your tweeting habits is really not going to make a difference. The idea is to maximize your visibility just as you would on your own blog.

To come up with marketing strategies for getting more people to go to your Twitter page and follow you, think of some incentives for why those people would want to follow you.

Strategies for Increasing Your Twitter Following

Make your Twitter profile follow you wherever you go. Make sure you add a link to your Twitter page at the end of emails and forum signatures. Put links to your Twitter page on your other social media profiles. If you have an online business or application, consider using Twitter for tech/customer support. Try setting up a contest or giveaway on your Twitter page.

You can also create a free tool and advertise it on your Twitter page. One of the exceptions to the rule of not worrying about tweeting etiquette is using tweets to link to articles of interest to your followers. This helps you build a following.

One of the most effective strategies for increasing your Twitter following is following other Twitter users. When you follow new users, those users usually follow you right back. The downside to this tactic is that if you start following many people in a short time on Twitter, you risk being labeled a spammer.

So if you are looking to build a long-term strategy and a legitimate Twitter profile, you’ll probably want to follow people gradually. One way you can do it is start following a bunch of people to get them to follow you in return, and then cut down the number of people you follow to make your profile look legitimate.

The problem with following too many people is that you are overloaded with tweets and it can be difficult to actually keep up with anyone.

In conclusion, there are two ways to approach Twitter when building your following.

You can use it to get immediate traffic to your websites or you can use it to network and converse with your followers to build rapport. How you decide to build your following and use Twitter depends on the end goal you’d like to achieve. If you follow these simple methods though, you’re bound to increase your followers, no matter what your motive may be.

Get Twitter Followers Now

Video above shows you a brand new social media service where you can actually BUY twitter followers to gain an instant following of 100,000 people or more on Twitter…

Reminds me of the process of buying email leads. Sounds promising, however, in most cases-the response is very low.

But then again, I never actually used this service, so I can’t really judge!

10 Useful WordPress Plugins For Internet Marketers

imageFor over a year now I have been using WordPress for internet marketing purposes. I used WordPress to build a community around my marketing, grow my list, promote products and make money using AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

Lately I’ve noticed that there’s a growing amount of internet marketers doing the same thing, so I decided to post a list of 10 useful WordPress plugins that every internet marketer should use.

Dean’s FCKEditor for WordPress

This plugin Replaces the default WordPress editor with CKeditor 3.0.1.

CKeditor is an open source WYSIWYG text editor ,brings to the web much of the power of desktop editors like MS’s lightweight and is compatible with most internet browsers which include: IE 5.5+ (Windows), Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+ and Netscape 7+.

Download Dean’s FCKEditor here.


WP-Sticky is a plugin that allows you to make a post stick to the home page no matter how old it is. It’s perfect for setting up opt in forms to generate leads of your blog’s homepage.

Download WP-Sticky here.

PageEar-Free Peel Away Ad

This plugin allows you to easily insert peel away ads into the top right hand corner of your website. Plugin works perfectly with Firefox and IE. Simple solution for those of you that don’t have the resources to hire a professional coder to create a peel away ad.

Download PageEar here.

WordPress Popup Scheduler

Extremely useful plugin for internet marketers and those who use WordPress sites to build a list. Functions of WP Popup Scheduler:

  • Able to schedule a popup to show at all times, when new visitors arrived at your site, when readers revisit your blog for the second, third or fourth time, or for a specify number of days.
  • Able to configure it to show only on the home page, visitor landing page or a particular page of your choice.
  • Users can customize the look and feel of the popup. Attribute that can be customize include the background color, the popup width, popup headline, font size, font color and insert image.
  • Select between animation effect or no effect. If no effect is chosen, the popup can be displayed as a wrap-box before or after the first post. Animation effects include simple popup, drop down and fade in.

Download WordPress Popup Scheduler here.

AdSense Now!

AdSense Now! is the simplest possible way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. Aiming at simplicity, AdSense Now! does only one thing: it puts your AdSense code in up to three spots in your posts and pages (both existing ones and those yet to be written).

Download AdSense Now! here.

WP-Banner Ads

This is a banner ad management plugin for WordPress. Now you can manage banners of your own or from your favorite affiliate programs.

Download WP-Banner Ads here.


EasyPayPal is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make money from your WordPress site by collecting a payment from your users.

Download EasyPayPal here.

WPAffiliate-WordPress Affiliate ClickBank Plugin

The plugin automatically inserts a list of “Related Products” after and/or before each post on your blog, which are relevant to the content of your blog post.

Detailed review and download link here.


This plugin allows you to configure a hop name, and a hop destination.  When you link to, the visitor will be redirected to your chosen destination. Now you can easily mask your affiliate links and never get robbed out of affiliate commissions ever again!

Download LinkHopper here.

WP Testimonials

WP-Testimonials is a plugin for WordPress that lets you display your customer/client/product testimonials on your blog. You may add, edit or remove testimonials through the “Manage” navigation tab in the admin area. The plugin includes the option to display a random testimonial in your sidebar using PHP code for older templates or using a widget for newer themes. The widget is built-in with the plugin, so you have no additional files to worry about.

Download WP Testimonials here.

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How To Find Out What Is Important To Your Blog Reader?

What's Important To Your ReaderIn blogging, similar to copywriting, it’s important to know what’s important to your reader.

It’s a mistake to consider blogging as a personal journal. Quite in contrary, blogging is a conversation between you and your reader. If you want to write a diary for your own personal use- do it offline. As long as you’re writing in public-it’s a dialog.

As you start to write a post for you blog, picture your audience in your mind and write for them. Babbling or writing about stuff that only you find interesting will not attract more readers and you will quickly lose the ones you have. Think about the type of people who are reading your blog and write for them. Focusing on your audience will always help you to have a successful blog. Street Directory.

I’ve started this blog when Twitter has just begun evolving as a marketing mechanism. I quickly realized that Twitter was of great interest to my audience and as a result I started writing more posts on Twitter which resulted in higher traffic, more comments and low bounce rates.

How To Determine What Is Important To Your Reader

1. Survey-use wp-polls plugin to run a survey, asking your readers what that want to read about. It’s better to use open answers instead of pre-determined ones, so they use their own words to describe how they feel.

2. Analyze Content-use Google Analytics and myriad of other tracking tools to determine which articles have low bounce rates, high on page times and high incoming traffic.

3. Popularity Contest-another plugin to use to determine leading topics is Popularity Contest. Using pre-determined criteria such as comments, unique views, time on page and others popularity contest will come up with a list of most popular articles on your blog. And to play it safe, you can create a widget listing all the articles on your sidebar.

4. Keyword Research-use Google Keyword Tool to determine which key phrases are the most popular and try to create more content focusing around those keywords. It worked for me when I used Twitter as a leading content magnet for my blog.

5. Forums-visit forums, groups and message boards to see what your readers are talking about. See what bugs them these days and blog about it.

6. Blogosphere-visit blogs and websites your audience visits and see what is the most popular topic, what the blogosphere is talking about.

7. Discover Early Trends-use Google Trends to see which trends are evolving and try to predict a trend early on. For example: Joseph Wood spotted an iPhone trend and predicted an iPhone apps trend early on. He created a business around it and now he’s enjoying himself.

In blogging-communication is key. Use everything you can to find out as much as possible about your readers and create a reader avatar which should have the following parameters:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Income level
  • Interests, hobbies
  • Avg. time a day spent online
  • Which web publications he/she reads
  • Goals/Dreams
  • Desired outcome out of reading your blog

It’s important to communicate with your reader as if you’re sitting across the table. Don’t make the mistake of addressing your audience in plural-your reader wants person-to-person communication and it’s your job to deliver.

Weekly Friday Roundup 25.12.09

Friday RoundupIt’s friday and it’s time for the Weekly Friday Roundup. Enjoy the read and Merry Christmas!

Post your comments regarding anything that happened last week here. Use this opportunity to ask questions, suggest new topics and categories and just wish me a Merry Christmas!

note: since it is the first ever friday roundup, I made it a monthly roundup. shhh…

Instant Weekly Roundup - Free WordPress Plugin

10 Ways Twitter Improved My Business In 2009

Twitter BusinessWhat used to be a script a team of web developers used to communicate while working on team projects is now the largest micro-blogging platform and the fastest growing social network on the planet.

Throughout 2009 Twitter has grown tremendously. In March, Mashable reported that twitter has grown 1,382% year-over-year compared to 2008.

Many social media experts believe that in 2010 Twitter is going to outgrow Facebook size of which accumulates to 22% of Total Internet Audience.

In February 2009, when I first started using Twitter, I had no clue it will change the way I market online.

Twitter has dramatically improved my business during the course of 2009 and in this post I want to share 10 specific ways Twitter allowed me to run a more profitable Internet Marketing Campaign.

1. Connections

Twitter Connections

In 2009 Nokia is not the one that connects people-Twitter is. Thanks to Twitter, I met hundreds of interesting, exciting, uplifting and fun people.

Via Twitter I connected with hundreds of internet marketers, just like me, which inevitably led to a series of great connections that my business benefited from.

Twitter also made it easier for me to connect with individuals I otherwise haven’t had a chance to reach. Celebrities are in love with Social Media and they try to reply to anyone who comes in contact-so the rest can see how cool they are (e.g.: Ashton Kutcher, Darren Rowse, Shaq, etc.).

2. Traffic Generation

I learned to leverage Twitter for traffic before I even understood what “SEO” meant, and it gave my blog the start up boost it needed to get off the ground. For that I thank Twitter.

Twitter Traffic December

Besides being a connectivity tool, Twitter is a great way to generate traffic to your blog.

Twitter is responsible for approximately 25% of all IgorHelpsYouSucceed traffic. That’s a lot!

3. Information Sharing

Twitter information Sharing

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but Twitter should stand for “Easier then RSS and Email syndication” because it makes information sharing as easy and as viral is it gets.

Throughout 2009, Twitter has helped me to discover hundreds of great information sources as well as profitable data I could apply in my business and make more money as a result.

4. Inspiration and Motivation

Twitter Inspiration

Twitter is probably one of the best tools to use if you want to spread inspiration online. 140 characters are perfect to fit in a quote or a call to action.

I can recall dozens of times when I was discouraged by a set back and Twitter cheered me up with an insight or a quote that one of my followers shared.

Since then, I regularly tweet quotes because I know that there’s someone out there who’s waiting for a flash of inspiration to turn things around once again.

5. Reach Increase

If you’re using Twitter to market-you can say that you have an unfair advantage over anyone who does not.

Having a Twitter account is like having really long arms that you can reach further than most people can with.

Twitter opens many doors that you couldn’t have opened otherwise or that would have cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

I know that I am being general here, but that’s only because I don’t want to give away the ace up my sleeve :) .

6. Writing Skills

Twitter Writing Skills

Another important way Twitter improved my business is the fact that as a result of sending out 140 characters tweets, I became a better writer.

Prior to Twitter, there wasn’t any social network that would limit you in your status updates. Twitter completely changed the rules of the social game when it introduced the 140 character limit and the micro-blogging concept.

As a result I had to adapt a new writing style where I had to express the same feeling, idea or thought with less words.

It wasn’t easy at first. For a while I had to re-write my tweets dozens of times for them to convey the right message. However, within couple of weeks I mastered the skill of Twitter-Writing and as a result, now I can squeeze the same amount of information in 140 characters that I can in a paragraph of text.

Twitter’s limitation allowed forced me to cut the needless babble away from my writing and as a result my writing is a lot sharper then it used to be a year ago.

7. Authority

Twitter Authority

Authority is the number one factor in business and marketing that determines whether people will do what you tell them to do (e.g.: buy from you).

Since Twitter is completely open source-everyone can see your activity. By leveraging Twitter in specific ways, it is possible to generate instant affection, authority, sympathy and a whole spectrum of emotions to influence people.

People who joined Twitter immediately get the idea who is the “popular kid” simply by looking at the followers/following counter in people’s profiles.

I leveraged this fact to manufacture a higher social status to my followers which increased optins and sales.

I have also used Twitter to gather testimonials for my Mindset Course which resulted in 2.5% sales increase and 25% visitor to subscriber ratio.

8. Link Building and SEO

Twitter Link Building SEO

Did you know that every tweet you send out generates a separate page on Twitter?

It means that if you include a link in your Tweet, you have a backlink pointing back to your site which is crawled by the search engines immediately.

Although the link is a NoFollow, it’s still a valuable asset, because it’s a LINK!

Google loves Twitter as much as it does EzineArticles, YouTube, Digg and the rest of the “social networking mafia family”, therefore a dozen of backlinks from Twitter (a day) is a valuable asset to your SEO campaign.

Many SEO experts probably won’t support this statement, but you never know for sure. In 2009 social media was given a huge SEO authority by Google, Yahoo and Bing. That is why I believe that building links of Twitter is as important as submitting articles to EzineArticles and uploading videos to YouTube.

9. Social Media

Social Media Productivity

Before Twitter came along, I used to hand out only on Facebook and a little bit on YouTube.

What Twitter did for my Social Media Marketing Campaign in 2009 is definitely worth mentioning in this post, because via Twitter I managed to drastically increase my social media activity on Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Facebook, Mixx and Reddit.

I used Twitter to create my own Social Media Marketing circle. By connecting every social networking site I am on with Twitter, I increased my “seen activity”, authority, publicity and productivity.

10. Content Creation

You know what they say-content is King. It’s probably only a Prince, because Marketing is important too.

However search engines love fresh content which is probably the reason I try to update this blog every day or at least once in 2-3 days if I am busy working on a new project.

Twitter is the topic of 22 out of 170 posts I’ve written for IgorHelpsYouSucceed. And there are also 48 posts devoted to social media marketing, which means that Twitter is mentioned in at least 68 articles on this blog alone. Twitter is responsible for 40% of content on this blog which means it’s the main SEO traffic generation resource I have.

Another interesting fact is that Twitter related posts tend to get most responses from my readers, which means that I should write more about Twitter than anything else.

How You Can Leverage Twitter To Improve Your Business

Just as I used Twitter to improve my business in 2009, you can too.

I am not a rocket scientist or a web genius: I barely know how to use html codes to align my pictures to the left…

You should start by following successful internet marketers and watch how they behave and interact. I recommend you start out by reading 65 People To Follow On Twitter If You’re An Internet Marketer first and see where it takes you.

About This Post

This post is my contribution to the DailyBlogTips Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review. Read more about it here.

Top 65 People To Follow On Twitter If You’re An Internet Marketer

Follow on TwitterIf you’re new to Twitter-the little blue bird can be quite overwhelming. I hope this list of Top 65 People To Follow on Twitter will make your life a little bit easier.

The list is targeted specifically for internet marketers (with a mix of Personal Development, Law of Attraction and Jokes), if you’re not an internet marketer-you might want check out this page where I share the basic philosophy behind Following People On Twitter.


problogger twitter

Darren Rowse-ProBloggerDarren Rowse blogs about twitter and tweets about blogging. Sometimes he blogs about tweeting about blogging and tweets about blogging about twitter. Darren is the owner of ProBlogger which is the largest blog about blogging online.


Founder of Copyblogger. Cofounder of DIY Themes, Teaching Sells, Lateral Action & two ornery kids. Brian tweets mostly about his life and thoughts about life. He also likes to squeeze in some of CopyBlogger’s daily updates in there.

Yaro StarakBlogger and Internet business entrepreneur from Australia. Yaro tweets down to earth blog and marketing advice for internet entrepreneurs.

Daniel Scocco Daily Blog TipsDaniel Scocco has lived and studied in several places around the world, including Italy, Chile and Brazil. After receiving a degree in International Economics and working for one year in a multinational company, he decided to pursue entrepreneurial projects on the Internet. Daniel is the owner and CEO of DailyBlogTips where he shares daily blogging tips.

ShoemoneyJeremy Schoemaker. Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Managing Partner Of ShoeMoney Capital. Jeremy is one of the most famous blogger on the planet with over 55,000 subscribers.

Chris BroganChris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds at chrisbrogan dot com, a blog in the top 10 of the Advertising Age Power150, and in the top 100 on Technorati. He is co-author of the book Trust Agents.

John ChowAnother famous blogger. John Chow makes $40,000 a month of his blog by showing other people how to make $40,000 a month of a blog.

John CowJohn (Jason Katzenback) blogs & tweets about how to create a business-not just a blog. Did you too notice that his name is very similar to John Chow? Hmm… Do you think its a conspiracy? Just a thought…

Men With PensFlair, pizzaz, and on-target web design and copywriting to help you hit the bullseye of success. The right person to follow if you want to become a better writer, blogger and copywriter.

BlogussionBlogging Discussion, Tips And Tricks. Managed by AlexFraiser. Enough Said.

Social Media:

Mashable Social Media

Joel CommJoel Comm is an entrepreneur who has been online for over 20 years. Joel’s company, InfoMedia, has launched dozens of web sites which offer online shopping, free stuff, website reviews and more. Joel is the author of many popular books, including the NY Times Best-Seller, The AdSense Code.


Mashable-The Social Media Guide. The hottest Twitter news, Twitter tips and Twitter help. Plus, the best social media links around!

Mark CollierSocial media consultant helping companies and agencies understand how to use social media to grow their businesses. Founder of #blogchat.

Dan Zarrella Dan Zarrella is an award-winning social, search, and viral mar­ket­ing sci­en­tist and author of the upcom­ing O’Reilly media book “The Social Media Mar­ket­ing Book”. He has a back­ground in web devel­op­ment and com­bines his pro­gram­ming capa­bil­i­ties with a pas­sion for social mar­ket­ing to cre­ate appli­ca­tions like the social URL short­ener, Link Attrac­tion Fac­tors key­word tools, as well as Tweet­Psych, Twit­ter­Brand­Spon­sors, Tweet­Backs and Tweet­Suite.

Mari SmithSocial Media Speaker & Trainer. Mari tweets awesome social media advice. Mari also has a blog you should subscribe to. She never lets her readers down with her content.

Dosh DoshPhilosophy student. Anime Otaku. Concerned citizen of the world. Provider of cool links, awesome content and good conversation. No one knows his real face, but his tweets are awesome. He’s like a Twitter superhero!

Neil PatelNeil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics. By the age of 21 not only was Neil named a top 100 blogger by Technorati, but he was also one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal.

Valeria MaltoniValeria has come to define modern business as a long and open conversation. Her blog-Conversation Agent, is recognized among the world’s top online marketing blogs.

Jason FallsJason Falls thinks a lot about Social Media. And shares it on Twitter. Sometimes it’s useful even. Also, he loves to have long and meaningful Twitter conversations with his followers-something not many “Big Shots” do.

Scott MontyScott Monty is the Head of Social Media at Ford Motor Company. Scott tweets his perspectives on social media – the convergence of marketing, advertising and PR on the Web – for marketers, agencies, the enterprise and the individual.

Michelle MacPhearsonMichelle MacPhearson tweets about SEOcial media marketing, Web 2.0, getting traffic and selling stuff like mad. She’s fun. You should follow her.

Tamar WeinbergTamar Weinberg is a social media enthusiast with a passion for all things tech and productivity. She provides consulting in internet marketing is the community and marketing manager of Mashable. Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules. She blogs at Techipidia.

Lairel PapworthLaurel is one of Australia’s top social media strategist, a renowned keynote speaker and respected thought leader on the business of being social. She tweets mostly about social media strategies along with weird World of Warcraft confessions.

10e2010e20 is a social media powerhouse company. They mostly tweet about Social Media tips for business-big and small, but occasionally they’ll squeeze in stuff about HTML, Web Design, SEO, etc.

Lyndon AntcliffLyndon Antcliff tweets about Social Media marketing, writing and his passion for eating chocolate. Lyndon also blogs a lot about Link Bait.

SEO and Traffic Generation:

Yoast SEO


Wiep Knol tweets about creative link building and SEO. I wish I could say more about this dutch man …Oh! Yeah! He blogs about it too!

Eric WardEric Ward tweets about Ethical and Effective link building strategies. What else can an experienced link building coach tweet about?

Search Engine JournalSearch Engine Journal-Search Marketing News and Tutorials. Mostly News. To tell you the truth, though, you’re better off subscribing to the blog-makes no difference.

SEOmoz SEOmoz is probably one of the best SEO resources for anyone who’s trying to be a better SEO. SEOmoz tweets about helpful SEO related educational articles, tools, plugins, tricks and tweaks.

YoastJoost De Valk is the creator of WordPress Breadcrumbs Plugin along with dozens of other plugins, tools, scripts and extensions to make our lives easier. Part of his tweets is in dutch, but the rest is useful.

Matt CuttsHead of Web SPAM team at Google. Matt blogs and tweets a lot about Google, Search Engines and everything related.


Coach Dawn Quote

Dawn ThierfelderDawn Thierfelder is a coach. I didn’t quite figure out a coach of what, but she is very inspirational, shares a lot of quotes and all around great person (judging by her tweets). Just look at that smile!

Productivity TweetsThis guy (don’t know his name) is a creator of Productivity Tweet Suite. Besides that-he tweets a lot of quotes and all around positive material.

Sebastian SchabowskiSebastian Schwabowski is an internet marketer from Poland who’s hooked on personal development so he tweets inspirational quotes all day long. He says that he also loves to travel. See proof on his website.

Cathy F.Cathy is an artist, loves music and giving draw and paint lessons online. She mostly tweets quotes and truly is a Tenacious Artist!

Lincoln PatzLincoln Patz is the creator of Success Wallpapers. He creates free, high-res inspirational wallpapers focusing on a large and growing variety of topics on success, motivation, and self-improvement.

Garry UsselmanGarry Usselman is an online marketer who loves quotes so much that he even quoted Vince Lombardi in his own Twitter Bio.

Sherm MasonSherm Mason is all about easy internet cash, but nevertheless, he finds time to share quotes and even quote himself from time to time.

Samuel SmithSamuel Smith is a lousy mountain golfer. He is hooked on internet marketing and self-help (happens to the best of us). He mostly tweets inspirational quotes and takes the time to answer all the @replies.

Steve B.Steve is a scuba diving traveler who loves internet marketing. Steve often shares many inspirational quotes on people, relationships and self discovery.

NoolMusicNool Music is all about quotes. Voltaire, Holtz, Confucios, Cicero-you name it. Moreover, his home page allows to get even more quotes and easily share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Vincent AngVincent Ang is an eager brain food eater who loves to tweet all sorts of quotes. Feel free to tweet him-he always replies!

TwitQuoatationsTwiQuotations is your daily does of quotes on Twitter. It’s different though. Contrary to what you used to see on Twitter-it’s not inspirational. TwiQuotations quotes other tweeple which makes it a bit more exciting.

Cowboy JCompared to the rest of quoters on this list, Cowboy J. doesn’t tweet THAT much quotes …but he’s a TRUCK DRIVING COWBOY, how could I resist?!

DaharaDahara is an Argentinian woman who’s a Social Media Expert, Business Owner, Artist and a Lawyer. She claims that if you @tweet her-she’ll talk with you about anything. Try her!

Firoj JamanFiroj Jaman is just a twerson. His agenda is to make Twitter friends and share interesting quotes. He tweets quotes and sometimes ReTweets them. If you’re looking for quotes-Firoj’s your man!

John ShinJohn Shin is looking to grow by tweeting inspirational and personal development quotes and ReTweeting other tweeple’s quotes as well. What a great agenda! Why don’t you follow him? I did, you should too!

Tweet SayingsTweet Sayings just quotes famous people all day long. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes sad and sometimes it’s just plain entertaining!

Ivelina BorislavovaIvelina Borislavova is a work from home mom who’s an insane Personal Growth enthusiast. Being mother of two, she tweets mostly about making money online, personal development and never forgets an occasional dose of inspiration by quote.

Law of Attraction:

Gabriela Law of Attraction

Gabriela KortschGabriela Kortsch is Holistic Psychotherapist. She’s a mom of 3, blogger and an international radio show host. She’s quite busy, but she loves to tweet Law of Attraction and Quotes (or both).

Bradley ThompsonBradley Thompson is a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Law of Attraction Teacher. Bradley says that he wants to help as much people get what they want NOW! Any questions?

Joe VitaleJoe Vitale is a Law of Attraction Expert and author of countless best sellers on the topic. He was also featured on the Secret as one of the world’s leading experts on Energy Manifestation.

Jeff A. JonesJeff A. Jones only tweets content related to help you create your own reality through your own mindset. Health, abundance, relationships, you name it! Worth a follow!

AnneAnne is a public speaker with a passion for Law of Attraction. She admits that some of her tweets are automated and some are just her. Well, at least she’s honest, right?

ChangeYourFrequencyHelping you change your way of thinking by changing your frequency with the power of positive thinking. CYF tweets are focused on Law of Attraction, Quotes, Positive thinking resources, etc.

Attract Money NowThis twitter account was obviously created to promote the 6 day mini-course about Attracting Money using Law of Attraction. However, in between the promotions, there’re awesome tips on Law of Attraction (and some quotes too).

Jack BergstromJack Bergstrom is a rare book collector and avid reader. He’s also a master NLP practitioner and a business executive. Jack doesn’t tweet much about Law of Attraction but he always @replies. He’s a great person to tweet to when you’re stuck.

Scott MartineauScott Martineau is personal development professional who tweets a lot about improving your life without compromising core values. He’s cool, you should follow.

Kannan ViswagandhiKannan Viswagandhi tweets a lot about personal development and Law of Attraction. He loves inspiring people too. You should @tweet him.

Edward J LanganEdward Langan created this twitter account to promote his Be Your Bean website. But since his tweets are all about helping you with Law of Attraction, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t follow him.

Sabine BraunSabine Braun is all about spirituality, personal transformation and energy healing. You can imagine how great her tweets are! VERY!

Krisztina CseriKrisztina Cseri is an internet marketer and a social media consultant, but it doesn’t stop her from tweeting a lot of inspiration, law of attraction and quotes all day long.

Mary KnebelMary Knebel is a self proclaimed Self Help Goddess. She loves reading self-help books and helping others to improve their live. She tweets a lot of self help advice. Useful advice.

Follow Me:

Igor KheifetsIgor Kheifets is a 21 year old online entrepreneur who is hooked on personal development, self-help, law of attraction and growth. He loves peach-vanilla Wisozki tea, which is only available in Israel, and he’s addicted to blogging and technology. What does he tweet? Follow him and find out!

E-moms Use Twitter And Facebook To Stalk Their College Aged Kids

E-moms gone completely mad: they stalk their children in college using Facebook and Twitter!!

In this video one of the E-moms shows how she threatens a slutty female to lay her hands of her sons or she KILLS her on Twitter! LMAO!

If you’re in college, or away from home and use Social Media to do anything-BEWARE! Your Mom Is Watching You!!

Twitter And Facebook In Your Browser

twitter and is a toolbar (browser extension), powered by Conduit, which brings Twitter and Facebook into your browser. It’s supported in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

I already mentioned once in 25 Twitter Apps You Never Knew Existed, but I felt it was necessary to explore further, because, I believe it does a little bit more then just bringing Twitter and Facebook into your browser.

Here’s what REALLY does for your browser and you:

  • Twitter and Facebook live search in your toolbar along with regular search (Google), Image search (Google Images), News (Google News), Soft Search (Soft Tonic), Dictionary Search and the ability of Searching the site you’re already on.
  • Email notification. supports all the major email services including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hot Mail. It also allows you to pick a sound from your computer to notify you of new email-which I thought was very cool.
  • View tweets and Facebook updates
  • Update Twitter and Facebook status using the toolbar
  • Reply, ReTweet and Send Direct Messages
  • Shorten and Share URLs with a click
  • Weather Forecast
  • Online Radio
  • more Gadgets are on the way

And if you get tired of or you just aren’t using it at the moment-you can either shrink it or hide it completely and restore back up again whenever you feel like it.

If you wish to install on your browser, please use the links below:

1. Basic Install or 2. Customized IgorHelpsYouSucceed Install

*difference between the the installations is that the custom IgorHelpsYouSucceed toolbar delivers instant IgorHelpsYouSucceed Twitter updates right into your toolbar. If you’re a regular here, I would recommend the second version of the toolbar.